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I am on a “Quest” to find all the movies about collegiate or high school wrestling an add them to the wrestling moves list site.   I ran across a video this morning of on of my all time favorite wrestling movies.  “Vision Quest”.  Seeing a short clip of this movie got me fired up  and I went out in search for others that also feature wrestling.  Unfortunately the list isn’t that long. For such a great sport it’s a shame to see how few wrestling movies there are out there. (I betcha it is a a 10,000 to 1 basketball to wrestling movie ratio out there!)

Regardless, here is my list of those movies and if I could find a trailer I stuck that on here too.  Now I am on “Quest” to find where I can rent all of these!

Let me know what I am missing any movies so I can add it to this site!




Vision Quest

“It ain’t the six minutes… its what happens in those six minutes.”


(You can stream this on Netflix)


Win Win

Beyond the Mat


Veritas – Jon Trenge Wrestling Movie

Takedown and Falls

A Documentary about a group of Pennsylvania teenage wrestlers using the love for their cancer stricken coach and the sport an trying to make the impossible happen by winning a State Title.  (You can stream this on Netflix)


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  1. Hi there, dude. I’m a former state runner-up wrestler and avid movie lover. When I was growing up, I watched a wrestling movie that had a guy that got pumped up by music playing. he won every time if there was music jamming in the background, then, in the end of the movie, the championship match, they said he couldn’t play his music or the boombox was broke or something that prevented the music from playing. so the school band started playing and he ended up winning the match. do you remember this flick?? i can’t remember it’s name……can you help me?

    • The movie description sounds familiar but I can not recall the film. I will do some research and ask around to see if anyone I know recalls the name.

    • You may be thinking of a movie made around 1978 called, “Take Down” with Lorenzo Lamas, Edward Herrmann, Maureen McCormick, Stephen Furst, & Kathleen Lloyd. It was produced, directed, & co-written by Keith Merrill. I know because when my husband was still in high school and wrestling, he got a part as an extra in this movie as a wrestler. We own a video of it still.

    • This is the movie “Takedown”

  2. My brothers and I are big on wrestling movies. We watched a movie called, “The Hammer” on Netflix last month. It was an inspirational true story about pro wrestler Matt Hamill who is deaf and his wrestling career/life before he went pro. It was a really good movie in my opinion.

  3. What about the movie the world according to Garth with Robin Williams as a high school kid on a wrestling team.

  4. there is another movie called going to the mat. it is about a blind boy who state wrestling and how his girlfriend help him with dancing for is footwork and balance. it also show that blind people can do anything.

    • I spent many a summer attending wrestling camps at New Mexico School for the blind and I can attest that people who are blind can do anything… Especially Wrestle! Great add! Thank You.

  5. where did you find the movie beyond the mat. it looks good but i cant seem to find it anywhere

  6. Is there a movie about a girl who wants to wrestle but can’t since the school rules say no to girls? My mom says she watched it over 5 years ago. Please help!

  7. the movie the hammer is about a deaf wrestler

  8. Another good one is “the hammer”

  9. Check out “Legendary”. It has John cena. It will change your view in the wrestling world.

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