The Wizzer or Whizzer is a defensive technique that usually is used to counter a lower body takedown. The move itself comes naturally to most wrestlers in their attempt to sprawl and push an opponents arms off of their legs. The movement of their hips and placing their arm in the right leverage position however can be the cause of many failed attempts to ward off a leg attack using this move. A wrestler with a defensive style can use the Wizzer to quickly gain control of their opponent and take an easy two. This is such an effective defensive technique for a tight single leg it is a must on any Wrestling Moves List.

Wizzer described from the defenders perspective from the High Crotch Leg Setup Position.

1. Use your hand closest to the leg being attacked and create separation by pushing on your opponents shoulder. You don’t need much separation but this will keep your opponent from locking in tight and will make breaking the hold easier.

2. Push off with your toes and turn your hips from facing your opponent to the direction of the attack.

3. At the same time you are twisting your hips pushing your far hip against your opponents body. Use your far hand and arm to push under the armpit of your opponent. If you can reach the leg being attacked grab on to it and as your center shifts as described below this will create a lot of pressure on your opponents shoulder and arms. During this motion drop your shoulder into the movement and push your legs away in a sprawling motion.

4. Move your center of gravity from over your hips and legs to your chest and upper body as you put your chest upon your opponent.

This should be done in an explosive single motion in order to break the connection between you and your opponent.

The near side Wizzer is essentially the same however instead of using the far side arm and hip to break the connection between you and your opponent you will use the near side or the side being attacked. With the near side Wizzer you are creating a lot more leverage between your hip and your opponents shoulder.

Here is a great video describing a far side Wizzer.

Altough this video shows a Wizzer being used in an MMA setting the technique is the same. Here the instructor using his attacked leg and converting the Wizzer into a backwards trip and cradle.

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