The List of Wrestling Moves

I am working on assembling a total list of wrestling moves that are used in Freestyle and Folkstyle wrestling.  Many of the moves go by different names depending upon who is teaching them so I will when I can add in all the alternate names.  Of course the goal of this website is to create the ultimate list of all the wrestling moves so as the posts for the moves are completed I will link to them for easy reference.

So do you think I have all the moves listed here?  If you see some that are missing let me know and I will add them to the list.

List of Wrestling Moves:


  • Double Leg Takedown
  • Single Leg Takedown
  • Low Single Leg Takedown
  • Tie Ups
  • Duckunder
  • Fireman’s Carry
  • Near-Arm Far-Leg
  • Arm Drag
  • Ankle Pick
  • Bear Hug
  • Headlock
  • Stand-Up
  • Sit Out
  • Peterson
  • Hip Heist
  • Switch
  • Rolls
  • Granby
  • Gazonni
  • Nelson’s
  • Arm Bar
  • Cradle
  • Riding the Leg
  • Butterfly / Banana Split
  • Guillotine
  • Freestyle Turns
  • The Penetration Step
  • The Lift
  • The Back Arch
  • The Penetration Step
  • The Backstep
  • Move to Base
  • Barrel Roll
  • Cement Job
  • Tight Waist Near Arm
  • Tight Waist Far Ankle
  •  Spiral Ride
  • Two on One
  • Indiana Hook
  • Cross-face
  •  Cradle
  •  One on One
  • Tight Waist
  •  Half Nelson
  • Lincoln/Sullivan
  • 3/4 Nelson
  • Head in the side Cradle (Bow and Arrow)
  • Short sit cradle
  • Stand-up Cradle
  • Snake
  • Ankle Lace
  • Wizzer


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  1. Hello My son is 8 this is his first year wrestling. In the 5 tournaments he has participated in he has placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The 2 he did not wrestle in he forfited because he was afraid to loose. He shuts down. They are boys 3-4 grades above him. He is an impressive athlete and somehow we want to do our best by him. How can we help him to try and change his view to learn and know we don’t always win? This has been a tough year with each loss there is a period of stubbornness we have never seen. This sport is so exciting its hard as a parent to do the right thing because you want to see them wrestle so bad. But we want him to have fun and continue in the sport. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

    Thank you

    Kim Azevedo

    • There are a ton of questions left unanswered in your comment and it is difficult to give you advice without knowing your son. However based on what you wrote it sounds like your kid may just be having a tough time dealing with the pressure to perform. Sometimes when a kid is exceptional and has had some early success they may feel a lot of pressure from peers, coaches and parents to keep performing at the same level. I think the best you can do for your child is to be supportive, try not to overreact in any display of disappointment and displeasure to the shut downs and try to remember… the choice to participate in the sport and tournament should ultimately be left up to the kid. I know it is tough since we all want the best for our kids however being 8 he has a lot of wrestling career left in him. A few things you can do as a parent to help keep the pressure down: 1. Plenty of sleep the night before competition 2. Make sure he is able to attend all his practices 3. Deep breathing techniques before a match 4. Good warm-up before a match 5. Good nutrition the day of the tournament 6. Try not to be a crazy parent at mat side and some may disagree with this one…. but I find that some distractions between matches are good. Reading adventure books or playing video games helps keep their mind occupied so they are not worried so much about the upcoming match.

      Teach him to work through the pressure now and he will be able to use these tools the rest of his life.

    • Hello Kim, I am 15 and I have been wrestling for 8 years. I understand what your son is going through, I did not experience this but I’ve been in many clubs and on many teams so I’ve seen my fair share of “blow ups” over a loss. Not only can getting mad while on themat be a danger to you but If you display Excessive Anger while on the mat it can cause your team points, for example Trowing your head gear while on the mat rewards the opposing team 2 points which can lose the match for your team. Just literally sit him down and talk to him, make him wrestle kids bigger and better than him so he can get a feel of losing. Good Luck!

    • i have been wrestling for almost four years now and i have not heard of a lot of theses moves chris carroll age 18

    • Kim,

      Hi there,

      Wrestling is a sport that teaches young people to be strong in the face of adversity and philosophies that they will use in their every day lives. When they get older, it puts them a cut above others both mentally and physically. It gives them confidence. As your son gets older, you can be sure to watch proudly as your son grows up in to a well rounded, respectable man. Given the right attitude (e.g. confident, not cocky), wrestling can help so much with this. I am a senior wrestler this year, 17 years old. It is imperative, as a mother, to be cautious but, at the same time, not be over protective or limit your son. I know, it’s hard…my mother was the same way at first. You must show him how to both win and lose like a man (despite the fact that he is still very young). Two quotes:

      “Champions are masters of failure” – Unknown

      “There is no mat space for malcontents or dissenters. One must neither celebrate insanely when he wins nor sulks when he loses. He accepts victory professionally, humbly; he hates defeat,
      but makes no poor display of it.” -Dan Gable

      Both philosophies are absolutely essential to the sport of wrestling. Dan Gable is one of my role models. As a matter of fact, he’s a role model for thousands of wrestlers world wide. As I said before, teach your son to both win and lose like a man. When he loses, tell him that he should use it as motivation to work harder. However, do not force him if he doesn’t want to or he may grow to resent you or the sport. The majority of his motivation should come from within himself. Tell him that his actions will speak louder than his words. Nothing he says right after a loss (or a poor win for that matter), means anything unless he holds true to his word and pushes himself.

      “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

      This will hold true in virtually every area of your son’s life. If he works hard and does his best to improve daily, he can overcome obstacles in his path and take down nearly any opponent he will inevitably face. His biggest enemy is himself. 95% of the battle is mental. Tell him not to be afraid. Tell him to be strong.

      I don’t mean to come across rudely and by no means am I trying to tell you how to raise your child. I am merely giving advice based upon my, albeit minimal, coaching experience and how I’ve been coached over the last 5 years. ET’s comment was good, but the others may not have been very helpful. Please take my words into consideration. You should know that, as a parent, allowing your child to wrestle is a great thing.

    • Honestly, I had the same issue when I started wrestling. When I knew someone was better it was very hard not to psyche myself out. But then I got to high school and I realizes… people are going to be better than me… I am going to lose and that is just that. Tell him sometimes even the state champion loses a few rounds… but the only reason he stays a champion is because he gets back up and tries even harder. In wrestling regardless of who, there is one winner and one loser and every wrestler finds himself on the losing side. It would make him a lot better if during the off season he came in and wrestled with people in high school so when he got back he would have experienced such great difficulties the kids his age would be a lot easier to wrestle . I really hope this helps.

  2. referees posotion escapes,pin and takedown

  3. Standing setups: arm drag, shoulder push, push elbow in, throw hotdog (elbow) over shoulder, fiehhook on bicep, forehead push, wrist control, neck control

    Standing moves: head snap [ankle pick, double, sprawl,single, or spin), duck under, outside single, high single, smith single,double, high double, jap double, russian, airplane
    Takedown finishes: navy, trip, lift and trip, lift and duck-under, pull and trip

    Sprawling moves: twisting sprawl, mule kick sprawl, step-over and pullout, gable, cross-face butt drag, whizzer, gable,

    Throws: head and arm, bearhug, fireman’s, jap throw, standing peterson, milkshake, standing granby

    From down: switch, reverse sitout, sitout, stand-up, mule kick, peterson, granby, sit and spin and turn in, sit and spin and peterson

    From top: tight waist far ankle, near arm far ankle, freestyle ride-and shove, tight waist arm chop, cheap tilt, crotch ride/tilt, arm lever

    Rides: cross-body, parallel legs, navy, ankle ride, spiral

    Pinning moves: half nelson, power nelson, double arm bar, single arm bar,double grape, head-and arm, leg splits, crucifix, olympic scissors(not a scissors, like crucifix), cradle, inside cradle, bow-and-arrow cradle, standing cradle,

    Unknown: head-under-arm spin, ball-and-chain

  4. Power half nelson was my fav. A lot more torq and if ya play it right you can have them in a leg lock when executed.

  5. sitting duck, supplex, armbar, far knee far ankle, russian slip

    • I have been wrestling for 8 years now and you might want to tell them which ones are freestyle, folkstyle, and greco-roman like the supplex if you do it it folkstyle you will definitly be penaliized because you wouldnt want a new comer go out and do a full on supplex(if he knows how) in folkstlye and get penailzed his first tourney

  6. my brother used a move kind of like the Peterson, but it was a cradle. he had the opponent by a leg and the head with his hands locked on his own chest. I know it as the Truck Driver Cradle, have you heard of this pinning move?

  7. the Funk and the Shlank

  8. Barbed wire, Ball and chain

  9. Hi I’m a 16 year old female who has participated in Tae Kwon Do for 6 years. I am now a senior in high school and has not done martial arts in 3-4 years.i plan on joining my schools wrestling team and tryouts are in a couple of weeks. What should I do to make sure I stand out? What types of drills and workouts should I be doing to make sure that I am also fit for the sport? Thank you!!

  10. yo what happend to full nelson,snapmare,suplex,bigf,ricola,spine buster,dig up,dig in

  11. What is a sufle in free style wrestling?

  12. I have not heard of half of these moves before and I’ve been practicing them since i have seen this and i feel that i am doing much better as a wrestler.
    Thx 😛

  13. Chin drop. Was one of my favorites back in the day . Your list is very extensive though. Wrestled in Western PA, I don’t recognize a lot of these moves. Maybe that’s why I didn’t win as many branches as I should have.

  14. I need more moves before district I’m good but every match before 1 and 2 I lose and eventually I get 3

  15. I had the same problem this year. Im an 8th grader and this is my 3rd year wrestling. I started off the season 13-0. There one kid i beat that was my hardest match. We faced again in the finals of a tournament and I lost to him. I was so upset then I remembered what i told one of my teamates who lost earlier. Just becuase you have a bad record or lost just one match does not mean you are a bad wrestler. If you lose don’t pout about it think of ways you should’ve beat him. Work on moves that you should’ve used. Make sure you don’t get in that position again.

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