The Wrestling Moves List needs lots of counters.  One obscure and creative wrestling counter move is the Spladle. I don’t know how best to describe what a wrestling spladle is except that it is a standing-rolling-reverse-butterlfy defense for a single leg.

Add it to your wrestling moves list as a defensive counter to the single.

1.  After Single Leg Shot comes up to a standing position wrap your caught leg around the inside of your opponents.

2.  Center your weight over the back of your opponent by pushing down on your opponents head and leaning over their back.

3.  Holding one hand on your opponents head/neck reach around with your other hand and grab the inside leg of your opponents leg using your body and your arm to create leverage.

4.  Drop your center of gravity over to your outside (leg that is not caught)  hip and roll.

5.  Spread your opponents leg and arms apart utilizing your arm and caught leg.



Coach Whitethorn demonstrates the spladle at Augsburg Wrestling Academy in Minneapolis Minnesota.

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