The Gazzoni is an escape move to add to your Wrestling Moves List and is performed while in the referee’s bottom position. Performing this move requires a bit of practice and an opponent who makes the mistake of trying to reach over as you attempt to perform the basic sit out.  This is usually something that you will see younger wrestlers get caught in but I have seen this executed countless times at the high school and collegiate levels also.

1.  From the bottom position shift your weight to your hips by kicking your feet out away from your opponent.

2. Push back on your opponent with yoru back against their chest and come up onto your feet.

3.  Grab your opponents lower hand with your same side hand.  This is important and will help prevent your opponent from pulling your straight back.

4.  If your opponent reaches over with the alternate hand grab it with your near side hand then quickly shift to your far side had releasing his other arm.

5.  Lift your near side arm into the air, drop to your hip and roll.

6.  Push out and away from your opponent and take the upper position.

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