Duck Under

Your Wrestling Moves List wouldn’t be complete without a Duck Under.   Duck Under is surely a great way to get control of an opponents back and ultimately get them to the mat.  The Duck Under has been used as a primary method of takedowns for many High School, Collegiate and Olympic Wrestlers.  It is also a great fall back plan when you have gone for a double or single but just couldn’t quite get your arms around your opponents legs to pull them in.

Step 1:  Perform a Setup.  Often an Collar and Elbow are ideal for setting up a Duck Under.  Collar the Neck with your inside arm and hold the elbow with your outside arm. Throw up your opponents outside arm pushing up from the elbow.

Step 2: Penetration Shot should be towards the opponents outside.   Your head should end up just to the outside of your opponents hip.

Step 2: Wrap your away or inside arm around your opponents waist and pull down.

Step 3: Lift your head up and arch your back moving yourself towards the outside of your opponent.

Step 4: Pull down on your opponents waist and similtaneously wrap your outside arm around your opponents back pushing them down and beside you.

Spin around your opponent and take your 2!


I Love this video it is straight up duck unders!

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