Double Time to the Mat!

Whether you have been able to get to a double leg by either taking a penetration step or a double leg snatch you have acheived only half of the battle of the takedown.  Now you must capitalize on this position and take your opponent down for the points before they have an opportunity to counter.  There are many ways to finish a takedown from a double leg and this post list out many of them.

Often times you will find yourself in the basic wrestling starting position with your chest in close to your opponents legs and your head to either side of their hips.  Your arms should be wrapped tightly around their legs applying pressure at the knees with your hands.  (Always apply pressure at the “Bendy Parts!”)    The closer you can pull your opponents legs in towards you the better.  You need to make sure your center of gravity is at your hips and not up towards your head.  Your needs must be planted solid under you and you must pulled forward by your opponent or you will quickly find yourself in a position of disadvantage.

The most important thing you need to remember at this point is.   DON’T stay here long.  Your opponent will quickly react with a sprawl or a crossface and you will quickly lose any offensive advantage you had.   Start working on a few of these conversions now and add them to your Wrestling Moves List.

Hooking The Leg – Hook your steping foot (side your head is on) around the outside of your opponents leg and trip backwards.

Cutting the Knee – Pull opposite (of your head) knee towards you and drive with your head and shoulder folding your opponents legs.

Sweeping the Knee – On a deep penetration step use your oposite knee to push in on the outside of your opponents knee and your head and shoulder pushing in the opposite direction.  Lift your opponent off the mat.

Duckunder – As a counter to the sprawl move your arm from around one knee and convert to a single high crotch.  Lift your head and pull your body straight use your opponents sprawling momentem to duckunder and around him.

Head Pivot/Head Trip  – Move your opposite hand around your opponents wasit and pull your near hand in at the knee pulling your opponent towards your head and effectivly trippoing them over your head.

Head Between the Legs – Place your head between your opponents knees and lift your body up.  Moving your opponents feet off the mat.  Push up on one thigh and pull down on the other flipping your opponent over your head.

Knee Sweep

Ankle Sweep

Inside Trip

Sweep and Dump

Body Tackle

Convert to Single

Duck Behind

Feet off the Mat


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