Double Leg Snatch

If you are quick and have lots of upper body strength then the double leg snatch may be the perfect add to your Wrestling Moves List.  The double leg snatch is a great move to takedown if you find yourself close to your opponent where they are standing straight up and you have dropped to a low stricking position.   In order to pull off the doube leg snatch you must have good speed and upper body strength in order to bring in and lift up your opponents legs.
Step 1.  Setup your opponent so they are in a straight standing position and you are able to drop to a low strike postion.

Step 2.  Without taking a penetration drive in with your head to either side of your opponent placing your shoulder into his lower gut.

Step 3.  With both arms grab your opponent behind both kneess.  (Make sure you grab at the knees  in order to gain the best leverage and take away your opponents balance)

Step 4.  Drive forward and lift your opponent off of their feet.

I am looking for a good wrestling video clip of this move in action, here is one from Budo Ninjitsu that shows a quick setup and snatch.

Comment or email me if you know of a wrestling double leg snatch I can add to this post.


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