Category: Defensive Moves


The Wizzer or Whizzer is a defensive technique that usually is used to counter a lower body takedown. The move itself comes naturally to most wrestlers in their attempt to sprawl and push an opponents arms off of their legs. The movement of their hips and placing their arm in the right leverage position however […]

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The Gazzoni is an escape move to add to your Wrestling Moves List and is performed while in the referee’s bottom position. Performing this move requires a bit of practice and an opponent who makes the mistake of trying to reach over as you attempt to perform the basic sit out.  This is usually something […]

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The Wrestling Moves List needs lots of counters.  One obscure and creative wrestling counter move is the Spladle. I don’t know how best to describe what a wrestling spladle is except that it is a standing-rolling-reverse-butterlfy defense for a single leg. Add it to your wrestling moves list as a defensive counter to the single. […]

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