Wrestling Moves List

The Wrestling Moves List (WML) is the most important tool a wrestler can have.  The ability to recall and execute any combination of wrestling moves is essential for becoming an effective winning wrestler.

What is a Wrestling Moves List?

First on the surface  it is exactly like it sounds, a list of wrestling moves.  However, it goes much deeper than that.  The Wrestling Moves List (WML)  is a method of combining a series of individual moves into an explosive combination that will help you crush your competition.

Ever wonder how some wrestlers move so fast that it is hard to see exactly how they transitioned from one position to the next?  Most experienced wrestlers start to build their wrestling moves list organically through years and years of training.  Over and over they practice and subconsciously  build their Wrestling Moves List.  Only the best wrestlers however recognize their WML in order to tune it and once they tune it….  they Fly on the mat! From one move to the next with such a fluid transition they are able to move in a method that it is both beautiful and lethal.

Building Your WML

So how do you build your wrestling moves list?  Well that is what this site is dedicated to.  Everyones WML is different and this site is dedicated to helping you find and tune your WML.  You can work on this as described above and gradually figure out over years of practice and awareness what your WML is.  If you are one of the lucky few you will actually start to identify what your WML is and potentially become of of the wrestling greats.   If you are not one of those few you may struggle and never really discover your true potential and that is what puts the winners ahead of the learners. The learners are the guys not on the medal stand.

Its not all about WML

Wrestling to a level of greatness requires commitments from all parts of your body and mind.  You have to take care of everything in order to be effective on the mat.  This site will work to cover the tactics and techniques of the life on on off the mat that contribute to the success of a wrestler.

WML needs your help!  There are many styles, names and techniques for the wrestling positions, skills, setups and transitions.  We at WML encourage you to add comments to the posts to help us create a great resource for all wrestlers.

“Remember when you see a man at the top of the mountain, he didn’t fall there.”

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